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  • Geography
  • History
  • English language
  • Logistics
  • E-business
  • Automation
  • Journalism
  • Robotics
  • Quantum mechanics
  • physics
  • Spatial economy
  • cosmetology
  • Transport
  • Sociology

Bachelor thesis

In 1999, the so-called The Bologna Declaration, which introduced a significant change related to the division of science into 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree studies. Career at a university starts with a bachelor’s degree, which usually ends with both writing a BA thesis and exams summarizing the 3-year period of gaining knowledge in a specific field. Then people can use the bachelor’s degree, which is also connected with having higher education.

The creation of the diploma thesis is required for the positive completion of the first degree studies. How to write a bachelor’s thesis? It is connected with the preparation of a work that refers to the field of study – it introduces, describes or even solves the problem of discipline concerning a specific issue or scientific area. Each diploma thesis is divided into the introduction, chapters, sub-chapters and a concluding ending in which we refute or confirm the thesis previously put forward. Contrary to appearances, bachelor’s theses, in which the initial ideas are critically approached and verified in various ways, are more interesting and also better received by the examination commissions.

It is said that a bachelor’s thesis is a reproductive work, consisting not in the creation of new knowledge, but above all in order to verify the comprehension skills and practical use of the knowledge of a given scientific discipline acquired during the studies. For this reason, the topics of the BA thesis usually refer to the issues that students have to deal with in their daily work or are interested in them as passionate (for example, writing a thesis on marketing, psychology, journalism or business management).

Technical writing

The title of an engineer may be used by people who have completed first-cycle studies – usually taken at universities with a strictly technical profile. The word “polytechnos” itself comes from the Greek language and refers to someone who is fluent in many fields, with extensive knowledge in them. Currently, it is identified with the academic center, which in its walls teaches science or natural sciences, which usually focus universities or so-called. agricultural academies.

According to the reform, known as the Bologna Process, carried out at the end of the twentieth century, theses of the first degree engineering studies are submitted after approximately 3.5 years of study (ie 7 or 8 semesters, which distinguishes them from typical undergraduate studies). Thanks to passing the exams and positive grades for the engineering works created, the graduates can take up studies at the second level of studies conducted by any university.

Wondering how to write an engineering job? A diploma thesis must be created on the basis of specialist technical literature that comprehensively describes particular issues. Very often, the topics of engineering work concern solving a problem or in the case of IT trends – designing a simple application or automation of popular tools or equipment. In such cases, it will not be possible without programming or complicated calculations requiring assistance from experienced specialists or educated practitioners with whom we cooperate. For them, writing engineering works is not difficult and they are able to provide relevant materials and studies.

Master thesis

A master’s degree may be used by people who have obtained positive reviews of the work written at the end of the second-cycle studies and passed the diploma exam. “Magister” means “master” in Latin. By winning this title, we get professional and higher education qualifications. Master’s thesis can be an inspiration to start work on a doctoral dissertation or to write a book. Its quality is very important.

Wondering how to write a master thesis? This type of work usually refers to or order previously known and developed results in a new way. We try to write creatively, invent theses unseen in other studies. We look at various topics and research problems freshly. We put the hypotheses and look for answers to the questions – so that your “master’s degree” is unique. We have unique, up-to-date materials and co-workers with extensive experience in writing the work. We offer an insight into sample diploma theses. We will help you with even the most unusual orders. There is no topic that we would not undertake. We offer master’s theses from such majors as: administration, banking, economics, IT, logistics, pedagogy, law, psychology, accounting, pedagogy, management, history and physics. With each order we offer our reliability, timeliness and professionalism. Feel free to contact us today – we will discuss all the details of your work.

pHd thesis

In our country, the doctoral degree is suitable for a person who has a master’s degree, who passed the doctoral examinations and defended his doctoral dissertation. It is given by faculties of higher schools or scientific institutions that have special qualifications.

The PhD thesis should be an original solution to the scientific problem and show the general knowledge of the candidate in a given field. It requires in-depth knowledge of the subject and a good writing technique. The material used in scientific work must be well-chosen and well-ordered. Inquisitive and precise research often allows us to look at known facts, from a completely new point of view, and even to new, small discoveries.

Currently, we help people with writing doctoral theses in the field of pedagogy. We help those who lack ideas about the subject, studies and other necessary materials. Contact us and we will develop your scientific work using unique source texts from experienced pedagogues. We invite you to cooperation.

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